Gather 'round, friends old and new and join Tawnya and Alden as we learn what Joey did to get himself suspended, what Frankie is going to do when he finds Cory and Shawn, and what Amy thinks about sleepovers at Frankie's! This week we'll be discussing Boy Meets World, Season 3 Episode 13 - New Friends and Old!

Let's be in a rut together and see how Cory and Topanga handle one of their own. Cory's trying his hand at being a different person, while Topanga is hoping to fill the shoes of a world traveler. Meanwhile Eric... well, we're going to forget about that. Join Alden and Tawnya as they discuss Boy Meets World Season 3, Episode 12 - The Grass is Always Greener on this; Boy Meets Girl Meets Boy Meets World's FIFTIETH EPISODE!!! Thanks for being here with us for a full year. We appreciate you.


Michael Jacobs stepped in to show us all how it's done and wrote one doozy of an episode. Come along with Alden and Tawnya as we try to figure out how Cory and Shawn snuck away, how Eric pulled those sick pool moves and also how we feel about the Witcher on Netflix. Does it hold a candle to Boy Meets World?? Find out this week on Boy Meets Girl Meets Boy Meets World!

We're on a midnight train to 1996 and Rebecca (Alexa) is there with us. Will Eric get his wish? Will Cory get his party? Will we find out who the "Buckers" are?? Find out with Alden and Tawnya as we discuss Boy Meets World Season 3 Episode 10 - Train of Fools!


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We have a few firsts for the podcast in this episode, including Alden's first fight with a candy cane, Tawnya's weird pronunciations and our first post show "we messed up" re-record. Somehow we also manage to discuss Cory's newfound attention, Shawn's great and terrible friending, Eric's continued dumbening, and Boy Meets World; Season 3 episode 9, The Last Temptation of Cory!


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Happy New Year! Spend your first Monday of 2020 finding out what Cory knows about Raves, what Tawnya thinks of the Monkees, what Eric thinks of Wanda, and what Alden thinks about late 60's rock and roll, while we discuss Boy Meets World: Season 3, Episode 8 - Rave On!

We're back on track for the last episode of the new year! Let's all get together and figure out what happens when Cory gets to find a breaking story for the school news broadcast. Are Alden and Tawnya the only people who are going to side with Cory? Let us know your thoughts on our facebook, twitter or email!


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December 25, 2019

44 - Season 3 Holiday Special!

Season 3 doesn't have a holiday special... SO WE WROTE ONE! For the first time you can't watch the episode and discuss it with us, you'll just have to tune in to figure out how Mr. Feeny's absence would affect the school, what Shawn was really up to behind the scenes in Season 1's holiday special, and just how far the apple really falls from the tree. Join Alden and Tawnya as we discuss Boy Meets World's hidden season 3 holiday special!

Shawn's got a pig and Topanga's not happy about it. How is Cory going to manage things between the two of them? Join Tawnya and Alden as they discuss Boy Meets World, Season 3 - Episode 6; This Little Piggy

Cory's going to be on the news! What does he know about that suspicious fire that he saved Janitor Bud from? What does Mr. Feeny know? Why does Alden's paper say o_O?? WHAT DOES ALDEN KNOW ABOUT THE FIRE? Join Alden and Tawnya as we discuss Boy Meets World Season 3, Episode 5; Hometown Hero!

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